Eureka Seven: Ao Gets Anime in 2012

The official website of Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean project has just announced that there will be an television anime adaptation will be broadcasted starting April next year. Animation studio BONES will be joining this new adaptation to work as the main force behind it (many of the Eureka Seven instalments in both manga and anime variations have already been produced and/or designed by them).

In addition to this, an Eureka Seven: Ao manga will be launching in the January 26th’s issue of Monthly Shounen Ace magazine, published by Kadokawa Shoten. It will be drawn by Yuuichi Katou and based on the original story by BONES. Katou-san isn’t very famous in the otaku circles yet, having worked on not more than 3-4 projects himself, but Shinigami-sama is certain that the creators wouldn’t let just anyone touch this very project.

Source: Moon Phase

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5 thoughts on “Eureka Seven: Ao Gets Anime in 2012

  1. The original series made me what I am now.
    The action seemed to drag forever. I tried watching it and I was hurt. Badly. I was a wreck. Later on, I’ve become the baka you all know.
    I’m scared now. What will happen when the new series arrive?!

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