Akira’s Katsuhiro Otomo Realses Kaba2 after More than Two Decades

The first Kaba artbook has been published by Kodansha back in the very distant 1989. That happened solely a year after Akira was released in Japan. From then, almost 23 years have passed and we were all waiting for the next one to come… And we’ve managed to get it! Yes, Kaba2 – a second artbook by Katsuhiro Otomo will be on the market with all original works and so much more!

Included in this new collection item (if you’ll allow me to call it so) will be:



Akira illustrations

Steamboy illustrations

Batman: The Third Mask production designs and storyboards

Orbital Era production designs and storyboards

Roujin Z production designs and storyboards

Gundam: Mission to the Rise production designs and storyboards

Freedom production designs and storyboards

Kourakuen Yuuenchi (TBS Commercial) production items and storyboards

Road Bike Illustrations

New Year’s Card Zodiac Art

There will also be a very, very special insert – a 32-pages long Taihou no Machi Ehon Cannon Town/Cannon Fodder Picture Book (this was a short video directed and written by Otomo sensei for his Memories anthology)


This book, in hardcover, will cost 6,825 Japanese Yen (about 67 euro) and will have en entity of 204 pages.


Being a knowledgeable creature when it comes to anime and manga, I need to say that there was no need for me to say “Akira’s” in this title, however, I owe it to these who are still trying to get into anime and the ones who are just passing from Kodomo anime to Seinen. Naming Akira, a movie which I personally did not understand that much, but is the all time best for so many fans out there was my duty.


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4 thoughts on “Akira’s Katsuhiro Otomo Realses Kaba2 after More than Two Decades

  1. Akira pushed some limits and told a really unusual story, while developing animation. That’s why it’s a fave for lots of people. We appreciate the news, Shinigami-sama. ;)

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