Uchuu Kyoudai Manga to Be Animated (Video)

An animated advertisement announcing the anime adaptation of Chuuya Koyama’s Uchuu Kyoudai manga has been uploaded to Kodansha’s Morning Magazine’s official YouTube channel. The ad is pretty basic, so no graphics can be seen from it, but the original manga pages included are something that can either grab the viewer’s attention or just have them absolutely idle to the project.

The video can be seen below.

The premiere date for the television anime of Uchuu Kyoudai is still unannounced, but the season is – Spring 2012.

Source: YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Manga to Be Animated (Video)

  1. The ad video was so…random. 0.o Maybe the fans of the manga and the genre will appreciate it better than I, though. For me they’re just not making enough effort to attract audience.

  2. That actually sounds interesting. Will start reading it and hopefully finish it before the anime starts… Good it’s seinen, since I’m getting too old to enjoy other genres. ;)

  3. I’m really excited about this one. Been a fan for a couple of years already (since the start), but even I’m surprised it’s getting animated.

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