White Canvas Site Sells Illegal Touhou Project Merch – Loses Rights over Game

After an explanation and guidelines by ZUM (also known as “Team Shanghai Alice”), the original creator of the Touhou Project doujin games, on how one could get retailing and selling official Touhou Project merchandise and goods, a lot of business owners decided to make use of the subject. White Canvas is one of the websites who were granted such rights. The 13th instalment of the game was officially released on the website after a nice and clean understanding between the creator ZUM and the webpage.

This, however, was not what the site was doing all along. It wanted much more and instead of giving the fans the possibility to enjoy the little devils from the Project, it started selling other merchandise and creating such without the previous confirmation of the Team Shanghai Alice/ZUM. Naturally, this has lead to the blockage of retail rights for White Canvas and the temporary cancellation of the contract between the two sides.

As the creator said themselves, this is a sad situation because their relationship has been really good and well-mannered up until this moment.

Source: Anime News Network

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