Medaka Box PV Streamed (Video)

The first promotional video for next Spring’s Medaka Box’s TV anime series has been streamed online. It is brought to you by Media Factory, the popular Japanese production and publication house.

The video is a second above one minute long and shows most of the main characters of the future release by producers GAINAX and director and script editor Shouji Saeki (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World).  Ikuo Kuwana is the character designer for the anime, while the entire project is an adaptation of NisiOisin and Akatsuki’s Manga by the same name, which is published in Weekly Shounen Jump by Shueisha.

The video can be seen below.

Source: YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Medaka Box PV Streamed (Video)

    1. Yeah…I can’t help but think how the same individuals who list stuff like that in their favourites, bash girls for liking bishounen, even when not part of a romance/shounen ai, but a historical, action or even shounen anime. It’s a wicked world we’re living in ;)

      1. Thanks, Shinigami-sama! :)
        The point is bishounen are never naked. They’re just handsome people who act normally. That’s what puzzles me. How could that be silly and not staring at the shiny jumping boobs of a schoolgirl…?!
        Well, boys will be boys :)

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