Sengoku Basara’s Director with a New Project: Shining Hearts

Itsuro Kawasaki, the director behind anime such as Sengoku Basara and Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, will be working on the anime adaptation of the popular fantasy role-playing game Fantasy Hearts that will air in the Spring of 2012. This new project of Kawasaki-san has been announced just today by the official producers of the show – Production. I.G.

Bit by bit, the cast of the Shinig Hearts series is coming out in the open. Let’s not forget that up until now we know that most of the characters’ original seiyuu from the game will be returning with the exception of the voices of three of the sisters who will get an actor each unlike in SEGA’s RPG where they are voiced by the same actress (Kanae Itou). Hiroshi Kamiya will play Rick, Kanae Itou will keep her role as Amil while Mai Aizawa will be Neris and Shiori Mikami will play Airy.

Source: 0takomu

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4 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara’s Director with a New Project: Shining Hearts

    1. It’s a pretty popular (in Japan) RPG by SEGA. It’s actually 3 girls and a boy, called Rick who travel on a ship, collect hearts and help people… Reverse harem in a way.

  1. That will have nothing to do with the historical and fantasy titles you’ve mentioned, Shinigami-sama. I’ll skip it.

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