Devil May Cry: DmC Secret Area’s Gameplay Streamed (Video)

A new video from the upcoming DmC game instalment from the Devil May Cry franchise is currently being streamed on the official YouTube channel of Capcom Unity Videos. It is an almost 3-minutes long video with a hell lot of slashing and smashing of demons by the main character Dante.

As explained by the uploader, this is still a game in development so you shouldn’t take it all too literally since a lot can be changed. The video is an in-game depiction of what the protagonist can make with the evil guys/gals/hermaphroditic beings in a secret dimension of the future release. According to the information, he will be transferred to such an area after finding out special portals.

The trailer can be seen below.

The video has great graphics and I am getting more and more excited about all this. Actually, to make you all feel comfortable, I have also thought that the design of Dante is odd an doesn’t fit with my habits and understandings, however, let’s give the staff a chance and enjoy what seems to be a very good action-filled game.

To remind you about the plot of this instalment: it depicts the life of Dante before the main story line. It will be playable on both Sony Play Station 3 and XBox 360.

Source: YouTube

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