Animated Short for Jashu Manga’s Final Volume (Video)

Jashu manga is a creating by Yu-Ko Osada who got it released in 2009. Today, the official publisher of Jashu Shueisha, has started streaming a special short animated video of some of the characters of the story. This animation is done by the mangaka as a kind of commemoration for the second and final volume that is being released.

The Jashu manga is an adaptation of the novel by Takashi Yano that tells the story of six mercenaries who fight in the time of Muromachi (late 16th century Japan).

Although the following video is just 11 seconds long, I am certain that ti will bring a lot of joy to the team behind the project and probably many new fans for the manga and novel.

Source: Shueisha Young Jump’s YouTube, Comic Natalie

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