Jump Square Lab: Binbou-gami ga! Gets Anime

In this issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square Lab magazine it was announced that the manga Binbou0gami ga! by Yoshiaki Sukeno will be adapted into an anime series.

The story revolves around the Poverty god (Binbou-gami) Momiji Binbada who is trying to return the world into balance by eradicating the young, blissful girl who has an eternal happiness medicine – vampirism. Actually, in her case, she drinks off the happiness and energy out of other people. Thus, she has earned the attention and enmity of the god of poverty.

I suppose we shall be expecting the anime for next fall, but it is still unknown. Also, do not make my mistake thinking that the title of this show will have something in common with the tern “bimbo” – it doesn’t, at least not on purpose.


Source: Manga News, Jump Square Lab

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