.hack//The Movie 3D CG Trailer Available (Video)

A trailer has been uploaded for the upcoming .hack//The Movie Instalment. The new film will be a 3D computer designed story about the adventures of everyone’s favourite characters in the medieval multiplayer online virtual game. Together with their lives within the matrix, we follow them in the other world, the one we all know about form personal experience.

The trailer shows us the very basics of the first encounter of Sora Yuuki with the alternate reality of “The World”.

The video can be seen below.

The plot of this .hack/The Movie is about this same Sora Yuuki and her attempts to understand what is all the fuss about when it comes to games. She, unlike every other classmate and friend of hers, isn’t interested in all the networking that is going around her. Willing to be more versatile and understanding, she decides (with the help of a friend) to engage in “The World”. In this very game, though, after several oddities and various phenomenons, her very own ‘real’ world also suffers changes and mutations.

By the way, Sora’s seyuu is the same girl who voiced Natsuki Shinohara from Summer Wars – Nanami Sakuraba.

Source: Anime News Network

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