Ebiten Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The Ebiten manga tells the story of a given Japanese high school and what is happening within the different clubs in it. This specific tale is of the young student named Noya Itsuki who instead of joining the “Astronomy Club” ends up being in the “Otaku Girls’ Club”. It might seem silly in English, but think of it in this way:

In stead of joining “天文部” he joins “天悶部”. (Both are read as “Tenmonbu”)

Looks different, doesn’t it? I definitely can think of at least a couple of shinigami colleagues who may come to the same fate. Poor them.

As a bit of additional info, the manga is illustrated by Inugami Kira (Seitokai no Ichizon; H2O: Footprints in the Sand;) and the story is written by Sukaji (H2O: Footprints in the Sand’s art and story; Boku to Kanoju no Koi Robo’s story;).

The story has been published in Comptiq Magazine.

Source: My Anime List

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6 thoughts on “Ebiten Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

    1. For your information, there’s the list I believe most producers have:

      1. Does it have a silly story?
      2. Moe potential?
      3. Gakuen?
      4. Cheap licence?

      If all check, we proceed to animating… ;)

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