MTV’s Divination Comic Previewed by ANN

One of anime and manga’s biggest portals – Anime News Network – has released a special 11-pages preview of the upcoming manga-style comic that is to be released weekly on the MTV Geek page. Four pages of it are also available on the MTV website.

The comic is entitled Divination and it sounds quite interesting. Given the information available, and as a Shinigami I must be somewhat excited about it. The basics of the story include a young girl called Anastasia Kempka and her difficulties at finding out she is connected to the afterlife and currently chased by Death itself. Also, she can see spirits and other divination-related supernatural beings. Actually, here is the full description released by MTV:

Anastasia Kempka’s teenage life is thrown into chaos after she discovers an eerie connection to the afterlife. What she first thinks is her imagination gone wild quickly turns into a shocking reality filled with spirits, demons and angels that ultimately alters her entire existence. Weary of who is friend or foe in this supernatural nightmare, Ana soon finds herself on a path towards an uncertain destiny that will have drastic consequences for both her and the entire world.

The writers of the story include Val Staples (X-Men), Gina Iorio. The illustrations are by Julia Laud who is currently working on Pengiun’s adaptation of the Chronicles of Vladimir.

Source: Anime New Network and MTV Geek

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “MTV’s Divination Comic Previewed by ANN

    1. Agreed. It’s cheap jumping on the manga train and not trying to succeed, counting on the quality of the comic. Typical USA.

      The story sound nice, yes.

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