Black Market Hello Kitty Tickets Get a Yakuza Arrested! (Video)

According to TBS News and other sources, a Yakuza member from the Yamaguchi-gumi has been arrested for the illegal reselling of complimentary passes given to Sanrio officials for the Sanrio Puroland theme park. The Yakuza has been put under arrest after attempting to resell one of the tickets to a police officer who has been under cover with a partner, dressed as a couple. The event has happened at the parking lot of the amusement venue.

There are other details released too…

The man, Kao Iwata, has had 12 passes worth 3500 Japanese yen (about €24) each, which he was allegedly trying to sell. According to his own statement, the passes were given to him by an acquaintance and he had decided to sell them in order to cover living expenses with which he had been having problems since he had no income as for the moment.

Just so you know:

Yamaguchi-gumi is said to be the largest and most infamous branch of Yakuza. It was found in the Kobe Pre-WWII prediod and is named after the founder Harukichi Yamaguchi.

The Sanrio Puroland theme park is mostly famous for its Hello Kitty attractions and merchandise. It is located in Tokyo’s Tama city.

Source: TBS

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Source: TBS Nes

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