Japan, Russia to Revive Mommoths by Cloning

I know that this is no anime, no manga, no games nor movies, but I am sometimes guilty of putting up Japan news from the current day. You can see such things often around my blog. I don’t know why, but I do think that as fans you, we should know what is happening in this very specific Asian country.

Now, the big news is that Japanese and Russian scientists are planning to impregnate an elephant with cells of a mammoth that have been kept alive for more than 10,000 years into a thigh bone, which has been recovered in permafrost soil in Siberia this August. The bone marrow, a substance that is often one of the most relevant and strong forms of regenerative cells in mammals, should be able to create a clone of the original animal!

Teams of scientists from both the Sakha Republic’s mammoth museum and Japan’s Kinki University will launch the research for the project next year.

According to Japanese Kyodo News, when the nuclei of an elephant’s egg cells are replaced with the mammoth ones from the marrow found in Siberia, the long-lost mammal can be revived. That is over 10,000 years after the kind’s extinction. It would be possible if the researchers manage to find suitable, undamaged cells to insert into the nuclei of the elephant. This, however, has been found very difficult for the professionals ever since the very attempts that initiated back in the 1990s. Then, though, the thigh bone has still been into the deep-frosted soil of Siberia.

The discovery is just a part of the many mammoth bones and particles, as well as of other species, that are being uncovered from the usually hard-frozen soil. The global warming is taking effect thus making even the unbearable cold in a place such as Siberia much, much warmer.


What Shinigami-sama is wondering is if these people would succeed? Will they manage to return all the lost species to us and not only for the zoos to keep them, but rather to return as a natural inhabitants of forests, mountains and lakes? Will the Dodo be rediscovered and reborn?



Source: AFP

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5 thoughts on “Japan, Russia to Revive Mommoths by Cloning

    1. The only issue I may have is with the size difference between an elephant and a mammoth. As far as I know, the latter is much bigger than the other. Otherwise, if they do manage without bringing harm, I am more than positively excited about all this.

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