Campione! Light Novel Anime Greenlit

Campione! light novel series by Jou Taketsuki will get its own television anime series. The project has been hinted at in the advertisement for the second issue of the Super Dash & Go! magazine (published by Shueisha).

As the official announcement hasn’t been revealed yet, there is a little to none available information about the upcoming release. No dates. No animation staff, no voice actors are known to me. However, the story can be understood from the novels and it is about…

A dark day has come in the fate of a young student named Godou Kusanagi. In a sudden change of luck, he suddenly becomes a god-slayer, a human with immense kami powers and a mission to erase the existences of a certain number of other gods from the world. In the span of a day, Godou wakes up as an ordinary human and with the last ray of sunlight is a Campione, a god killing god.

The novels have been published since 2008 when the first volume of Taketsuki was released in the market with special illustrations by Sikorsky. Now, just three years later, ten volumes have been printed and a special manga adaptation of the story has been created by Jirou Sakamoto (can be seen in Super Dash & Go!’s October issue).

Source: Yaraon!

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