A New Sequel to The Ring Is in the Making!

I am a hundred percent certain that there is not one single horror fan of either books or movies that hasn’t heard the title The Ring. Based on the novels by Koji Suzuki, there have been multiple American, Canadian and Japanese movies, manga and other works that have laid upon the fame and quality of Suzuki sensei’s talent. One of the most tremendous adaptations being the world-acknowledged movie by director Gore Verbinski, which received 7 awards (including Teen Choice Award, MTV Award) and 5 other nominations.

A little spoiler provided to us by the writer himself s available below.

Now, after more than a decade of silence, the renowned author has announced that he will be continuing the story of Sadako and her cursed life. Ring, Rasen, Loop and the Birthday Anthology are the previous titles that connected us to the doomed world of this young Japanese girl. The new title is simply “S”

A quote reads:  “If Sadako were to emerge from computer screens, what would happen? That’s going to be the story.”

According to the news that were shared with us by him, the way Sadako’s curse travels will be upgraded. As video tapes were all in fashion back when the first novel was written, computers are currently a person’s best friend. That is why, Death shall follow the victims not  through the uber-modern 3D screen on the wall, but rather through the internet (which if connected to the PS3,e.g., will also be dramatic). The new events will be happening in the year 2014.


Source: Asahi

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