Welcome to… Ouran High School Host Club: Live-Action Movie (Video)

A new promotional video of next year’s live-acting movie adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club  is streaming on the YouTube channel of one of our favourite websites for movie and cinema news – Cinema Today. All the main actors (and actress) are participating in this ‘manner ad’ that is being used as an early promotion for the film, which will premiere in Japan on March 17th, 2012 and will definitely be a candy for the hungry eyes of the fangirls of Japanese cute actors and also adaptations of popular anime and manga series.

This manner ad, which is something like the usual advertisements of upcoming movies that are played in western theatres, is about 35-seconds long and shows what the Hsts cannot do while being at work!

The video can be seen below.

I am certain that whoever wishes to watch this movie will enjoy it!

Source: YouTube

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