Blood-C: The Last Dark’s First Trailer Streamed

As it was already posted on the Shinigami List, the new Blood-C instalment will be a theatrical release and will premiere in Japan in June 2nd, 2012. Due to the fact that many dsapproved of the last couple of episodes of the television anime series, I am certain this movie should be givena chance by those of you who fall into the mentioned group.

The new trailer for the upcoming release is available HERE.

This film is telling the story of what happened a year after the events in the series.

Unlike some sites, I do not like putting illegal copies of the trailers, so I am sometimes linking you to the sites instead of embedding the videos. I hope you do understand this and enjoy the stream nonetheless.

Source: Official Website

4 thoughts on “Blood-C: The Last Dark’s First Trailer Streamed

  1. They basically hated the last instalment, “coz’ it’s sooo gory”…Babies! I loved it :D Gonna love the movie too… ;)

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