Aquarion Evol: Website Updated, New Trailer Streamed (Video)

Production company the Media Factory has began streaming an almost 2-minutes long trailer for the new series Aquarion Evol that is stated to begin broadcasting January 8, 2012 in Japan with a 1-hour special show. Everything you might need to know and which has already been released to the fans can be viewed in the official Shinigami List preview.

The new video is viewable below.


You might also want to check out all the new stuff on the official website of the TV anime series that include entirely new character profiles and interface as a whole.

Now, happy to announce it as I am, I need to warn you that this mecha anime seems to be looking more and more like an action one, so all the fans of romance might need to bear with it. On the other hand, I do prefer action anime than romance and slice-of-life as a whole, so I might just be a happy shinigami after all.

Source: Official Aquarion Evol Website

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “Aquarion Evol: Website Updated, New Trailer Streamed (Video)

  1. The character design is amazing. I still hope it’ll be more mecha than romance. I’ll give it a chance, since you can’t trust trailers. They can make “Code Geass” look like a brainwashed romance too..

  2. Less romance? Are you kidding me? Poor Shinigami-sama… :D They just did an alternative trailer to show-off the mecha, so they don’t totally lose us… She’ll be forever weeping in his lap. :D

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