Character Designer and Director Shingo Araki Passes Away at 72

It’s a sad, sad anime world when something bad happens. This time, what makes otaku feel a great lump in their throats is the death of one of the most active and cherished character designers in Japanese animation.

Shingo Araki has worked on a great number of shows including Lupin III, Saint Seiya, Yu-GI-Oh! and The Rose of Versailles.

There is probably no true anime fan who hasn’t watched at least one of his works. Shingo Araki has also worked on J.I. Joe: The Movie – a project which managed to put all the world under his spell with the incredible graphic designs and effects. Another one of his projects is the television animated series Inspector Gadget. He was also the co-founder of Araki Productions with Michi Himeno, with whom he has worked with on many occasions.

I am certain that this world will miss him greatly.

Source: Maiko Kissaka Twitter Message

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