CLAMP Traumatised by Manga

Unfortunate for all of us who enjoy a good manga read, the mangaka quartet CLAMP is to take things slow from now on for at least half a year due to a specific condition of a team member. However, do not live in fear, all you faithful readers! This is nothing more severe than a lumbar compression fracture, which is created by the long hours working and having fun in a sitting position… probably reading, drawing and creating manga.

Although the doctor has told the patient to rest and relax fully throughout the next six month, the mangaka four has decided that it is unthinkable due to their two stories that are currently being serialized and some other projects they are working on.

Let me explain what a lumbar compression fracture really is. As you know, the vertebrae are those little pieces of bone that connect with each other, thus creating one of the most important structures in the human bodies – the spine. A spinal problem can cause various issues to the human such as temporary or permanent paralysis, acute pains throughout the entire body, lack of blood flow to various zones and misplacement of the whole bone structure including the limbs and the tiny little fingers you humans own. The lumbar vertebrae are the five strongest and biggest ones in the spine, thus being very hard to fracture. Yet, one of our favourite mangaka has managed to do it. Conditions related to them are most common for females over 45 years of age and are often a result of osteoporosis.

Now, let us all agree that there was no real need for the CLAMP girls to try and excuse for having to work slower than usual, releasing less pages and chapters for the next few months. There is always need, though, to remind otaku all over the world to take care of their health.

Whoever it is that is being sick, I wish her all the great of health in the future. Also, the same goes for everyone else that works in and around CLAMP, even the otaku (except the sick stalkers! You know who you are!)

Source: Clamp Website


14 thoughts on “CLAMP Traumatised by Manga

  1. My aunt had the same diagnosis and she had to get surgery. :X The doctor basically said “prescribing” just a rest is absurd and outdated… He was either wrong, or luckily enough the CLAMP mangaka’s condition isn’t as bad… which is a good thing.

    1. I hope all is fine with your granny, Akuma-chan! I bet the Japanese doctor has seen computer illnesses as often as a gardener sees weeds. I am certain he or she knew what he or she was saying when ‘prescribing’ the rest.

      1. Aunt ;) And thanks! I’m not implying that a Japanese doctor is incompetent. Just got a bit annoyed with my aunt’s doc.

        Anyway, get well soon to the CLAMP girl! :)

    1. I don’t think that would be possible. I rewrote most of it too. After all, I am a reaper, not a doctor -.- Though, if you wish, the world will always cherish a good MD. I though it was useful to acknowledge the severity of the condition before discussing, that is why I read about it and shared. Glad it didn’t ruin it/made you fall asleep/ for you.

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