Hyou-ka: You can’t escape Mystery Novel to Be Animated

According to the latest information released on the official website of the Kyoto Animation studio, the company will be making an anime adaptation of Honobu Yonezawa’ mystery crime novel entitled Hyou-ka. The story revolves around a group of adolescent detective wannabes. The group of three is made by Houtarou, a young boy who although unwillingly joins the classic literature club at school, and his clubmates.

This new project is really pleasant for the fans of the company’s (probably) biggest item Full Metal Panic!. Unlike FMP!, this sory will not leave anyone on a cliff hanger since the original has its own ending (if you want spoilers – go buy or rent out the book and read it!). However, I am not certain that the anime will only have the general idea of the novel and many story is based on the basics given on paper.

As this is only an initial announcement, the information is scarce. However, there will definitely be something new about this project when the time is right. After all, the same author has already achieved to be adapted into various manga and anime with his previous work entitled “SHoushimin”.

Source: Kyoto Animation

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