Drawing Manga by Wacom – bb Kuroda and More

Wacom, a hardware company for graphic tablets, tablet accessories and tools has decided a long time ago to take on a heavy duty with bringing its quality products to the manga and anime community across the world (and mainly Japan, of course). I bet everyone knows about how this company works – it specifies  in quality tablets with low class ones and higher class ones… and the highest class. The ones shown in the videos below are definitely of the latter. Anyway, the videos below have been continuously posted on the official Wacom YouTube channel for about two years. The latest being from this September.

bb Kuroda, Hideki Owada,  the Vocaloid artist Kei, Mel Kishida and many more have given their time to show the fans a special way to draw – through Wacom’s Liquid Crystal tablets (in this case the Cintiq  series).


A-Channel’s bb Kuroda’s Live Drawing Video

Hideki Owada’s Live Drawing Video

Toradora!’s Yasu’s Live Drawing Video

Source: Anime News Network (or maybe just a reminder, not that much of a source to be honest)

5 thoughts on “Drawing Manga by Wacom – bb Kuroda and More

  1. Those are awesome! Don’t trust Wacom, though… I have their products for ages and my drawing’s not even close… Wacom or not Wacom, you need talent, man! ;)

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