Ubel Blatt Manga Returns after Two Years on Hiatus

The fantasy manga is about a half-human boy named Koinzell, who goes on a secret and very difficult mission together with the so-called “Fourteen Lances”. At the end of the mission, only seven return home and are therefore proclaimed the “Seven Heroes”. But were they really as great and honest as they have said and what kind of blame do they hold for the fall of the other Lances? Koinzell shall return to his previous lair in order to revenge for what has happened in that faithful fight.

The work entitled “Ubel Blatt” is created by the mangaka Etorouji Shiono and has been on an indefinite hiatus for the past couple of years. Now, however, after such a long pause, it is stated to return. Seems like the fans didn’t get enough with just the side story that appeared in the Young Gangan Big magazine this August.

The new manga will be back on December 24, 2011. The serialization has been taken on by the Gangan Big magazine. The news was announced by the publishers Square Enix.

Source: Manga News

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