Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: Kill Me Baby!

Comedy? How about taking it to the next level… That’s what J.C. Staff thought while putting their money in the upcoming “Kill Me Baby” anime series, adapted from the comedy/school/seinen 4-pannel manga by Kazuho. The character design is by Shinya Hasegawa (“Neon Genesis Evangelion”, “Revolutionary Girl Utena”, “Sailor Moon”, “Zero No Tsukaima”), while the scripts are made by Hideki Shirane (“Aria the Scarlet Ammo”).  Shinigami-sama already told you the cast of the series, as well as the basic information and a vid of the opening, so let’s see what more is there to know, before the show airs in January 2012.

As you probably have guessed, it’s another anime, “based” in high school. The story revolves around two girls – Sonya and Yasuna Oribe, who try to be friends… In reality, Sonya is a hired assassin, who’s always on the lookout for the enemy, even while working undercover at the school. As a result, she often hurts people with her great combat skills, even without them to pose an actual threat. To worsen her paranoia, Sonya also has great fear of ghosts and reacts vividly every time, when she believes to be around one. Yasuna is just an ordinary girl who happens to be on Sonya’s way quite often. Her constant attempts to act friendly almost always result in a comic misfortune. Adding up to the plot, the school also has a ninja student. The girl is called Agiri Goshiki and her appearance always leads to even more vivid comic acts.

Hit? The series seem to be one total sitcom, the anime way. A lot of funny events, two hilarious lead characters and a ridiculous storyline that makes the comedy even greater. I’m sure those of you who are open to pure laughter, will thoroughly enjoy it.

Miss? Beware: the story seems to include no ecchi, romance or other ingredients of the usual blockbuster. Lovers of character development and deep storylines would probably not enjoy this one either. The 4-panel manga also doesn’t give you enough plot for series, so you have to trust the script writer.

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