Vocaloid3 CUL Launched

The new upgrade to the old Vocloid software developed by Internet Co. will begin with a new character. The name’s CUL, but I doubt it she will give a run for the win to the previous 3D idols. She is based on the Vocalo Revolution TV programs’ image viced by Eri Kitamura.

There is also a special preview of CUL with two special sound promos posted on the official web page of the company. They can  be listened to HERE.(just click on the two green buttons in the centre screen to reach the audios.)

There will be a regular Volcaloid3 CUL pakcage and a starter’s one 11,340 and 17,640 Japanese yen. In the regular one there will be a tiny Vocaloid3 editor program. The company is not planning on letting the Vocaloid2 characters into the new software, but there will be a free option for that to be done by the users themselves.

Source: Anime News Network

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