D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Visual Game News

The main cast and the official release date for the new Da Capo game instalment have been announced.  In case you don’t trust the Shinigami List, you can always see the official web page of the game! Of course, those of you who don’t speak Japanese will have to believe just poor ol’ Shinigami-sama.

Emi Nitta as Rikka Morizono
Ui Miyazaki as Sheryl Yoshino
Mikoi Sasaki as Himeno Katsuragi
Chiyo Ousaki as Sara Rukawa
Eri Kaihou as Aoi Hinomoto

Daisuke Kishio as Suginami

The release date for PC in Japan in April 24, 2012.

The full price for the edition will be 9,800 yen (about €94)

As a bonus information we have the fact that CooRie and Yozuka will return to perform the theme songs of the popular visual novel.

Source: Official Website

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9,800 yen

5 thoughts on “D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Visual Game News

    1. Are you a fan of the undying sakura trees story? O.o A bit too girly for me, mind the ecchi… (I’m talking about the anime, btw). Seen an OVA or something, but I know there are lots of seasons – 2 :D Never played the game, though.

      1. Just played the game… It’s cool. Not the usual RPG I play, but typical game teens in Japan would play…

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