Tibetan Dog Trailer Streamed (Video)

Tibetan Dog, also known as Tibet Inu Monogatari: Kin’iro no Dao Jie (or translated would be something like: The Story of the Tibetan Dog: the Golden Doge), is just what the original Japanese title implies: the depiction of a life filled with excitement, friendship, hardships and myths… and one golden dog. The protagonist of the movie is a young city-boy who is suddenly transferred to Tibet. As the trailer suggests, we are up for a classic family adventure in the beautiful Tibetan natural riches and the myths surrounding it.The trailer also includes the theme song by Alan Dawa Dolma, a female performer with a Tibetan-Chinese origin.

The movie is directed by Masayuki Kojima, who is mostly known for his work on the television series Monster, andits screenwriter is Naoto Inoue. The Tibetan Dog movie is a Studio Madhouse production and should come out in Japan on January 7, 2012.

Source: YouTube

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