Switch Girl Manga to Get Its Own Live-Action Series

Switch Girl is a comedy manga about Nika Tamiya, a pretty school girl in her teens that is all her classmates would love to be – beautiful, snobbish and liked. But she hides a ‘dark’ secret too. Hers is that at home, where she doesn’t need to be the perfect-looking classy girl, she switches off and turns into a complete slob with quite a lot of negative sides from how she eats and dresses to how she cleans the room she lives in. One day, a transfer student comes to know both her sides as Arata Kamiyama moves not only into the class of Nika, but also her building, hence becoming the switch girl’s new neighbour.

Already accepted a role in the upcoming TV series, which is based on Natsumi Aida’s original manga serialized by Shueisha in Margaret magazine, is the popular Japanese model Mariya Nishiuchi. The TV show will premiere on December 24th on the Japanese satellite channel Fuji TV Two.

Shinigami-sama is definitely not a fan of shoujos, but a Japanese school-based take on the Ugly Betty can definitely be a good show for the free time… If made well. We’ll have to wait and see, though.


Source: Manga News

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