Gintama’ Episode 232 Not Banned by the Government

According to a released official statement by the Japanese government, the broadcasting of Gintama’ episode 232 on AT-X was not banned on its plea/order. Even though one of the episode’s jokes is about a politician named Renhou and there is a real governmental politician who has gone by only her given name  (the same one – “Renhou”) while campaigning.

The statement includes the quote: “It is not true that we objected. The decision whether to broadcast or not was a decision of the station, so we have no comment.”

Let’s remind you that Shinigami-sama has said that the episode was not aired by request of TV Tokyo, the official original broadcaster of the series.

Also, TV Tokyo has shown this same episode on the exact date it was supposed to be aired on the channel. Crunchyroll, the licensed streamer of many anime television series, OVAs and more, has also entered this same episode of the popular parody show (probably will never stop streaming it even).

After the show was put under a limitation, even considered to be a censorship by some viewers including myself, the supervisor of the production Shinji Takamatsu has stated on his twitter account that if they had to make something that wasn’t Gintama, they rather not do it at all.

The question Shinigami-sama is pondering upon is why did AT-X have to be the one to cancel the airing of Gintama’ episode 232 while there are so many who continue to show it? Why would TV Tokyo just suddenly decide to request this if there was no higher order? Something in rotten in the state of Gintama’ and it couldn’t stay out of the spotlight… The question is: What exactly is it?


Source: J-Cast News

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