New Anime Stage Play. After Kuroshitsuji Musicals Comes Persona 4: The Play

Will Shakespeare be happy to hear the fact that so many anime, manga and games are turned into plays? Who knows? All Shinigami-sama knows is that one of the few well-adapted into an anime games will also be turned into a stage play and it makes the little God quite happy.

The news of the play has been spread just a few hours ago and it has already travelled to this little site.

The new part of the already internationally acknowledged franchise will be entitled Visualive Persona 4 and will be running from March 15 until the 20th the same month in the famous Sunshine Theatre in the Ikebukuro district in Tokyo.


Toru Baba as Protagonist
Takahisa Maeyama as Yousuke Hanamura
Minami Tsukui as Chie Satonaka
Risa Yoshiki as Yukiko Amagi
Jyoji Saotome as Daisuke Nagase
Motohiro Ota as Kou Ichijou
Masashi Taniguchi as Ryoutarou Doujima
Masami Itou as Touru Adachi
Kappei Yamaguchi as Kuma (original voice from game)

The play is directed and written by Shintarou Asanuma, famous as a seiyuu in the anime world.

The news have been announced by the newly established Marvelous AQL production company.

Source: Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “New Anime Stage Play. After Kuroshitsuji Musicals Comes Persona 4: The Play

  1. Okay… I’ll try to comment on this one – what kind of a storyline does Persona have, so it to be used in a musical?!

    1. Hahahaaa… Singing: Sheeee paaaaassed through the TV…12 o’clock channel. Turn it on! And then the cool guy enters… and raps: Perusona…

      Sound great to me… :D

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