Kingdom Manga to Be Animated

Japanese manga about the Chinese Warring States Era will get its personal anime television adaptation. The air date of show that is to be made upon the story that is written in the manga, which has been running in  Shueisha Publishing’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine since 2006, is still unknown. All that has been given in the last issue of the publishing magazine was that the show’s producer will be Studio Pierrot and that it will be broadcasted on NHK. The premiere will happen next year, but the month or exact date is still unspoken of.

The theme of Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom, the manga, is the Chinese Warring States Era where China is divided and everyone’s position is in danger, where the best position to be in is the one of the Warlords themselves. This, at least, is what it looks like in the eyes of the young and deprived of even the slightest comforts. Li Xin and Hyo are two of these young members of the lower classes in the country. Their dream and aim is exactly this – to climb to the very top, to become Warlords.

Source: Crunchyroll

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