Two Happy Couples Marry on 11/11/11

There hasn’t been such a “Yes” day in history since probably the last time 11/11/11 occurred exactly a hundred years ago. You probably know, since in every country it seems to be so, that yesterday’s most fashionable thing was to marry. The date with the six ones was chosen as their wedding day by many couples worldwide. So, why would Japan be an exception? The country that is undoubtedly one of, if not the, most eccentric place on earth.

The big anime news is that not one, but two related weddings happened yesterday!

The first one is the happy marriage of seiyuu Kiyomi Asai who has been a part of the casts of such shows as the two Darker than Black series and Mai-HIME.

The second one is a the unity of two anime-related people. Yoshitoshi Abe, the original creator of Serial Experiments Lain, and his fellow artist Yukaly Sasaki who has been Abe’s assistant for quite some time now.

Congratulations to the happy couples and let the six ones be a great omen for them!


3 thoughts on “Two Happy Couples Marry on 11/11/11

  1. So they succumbed to the craze too, ah? Well, I almost grabbed a guy from the street and married him to!

    How can you resist such date?!

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