Tiger and Bunny – 2 New Movies Coming Right Up!

Tiger and Bunny’s Hero Awards 2011 has just finished and at that with some awesome news for the fans of the show!

The event and the two movies that are to come up are both separate parts of the mega-advertised Tiger and Bunny “New Project”. If you don’t know or have forgotten how this title and the stuff that happened this November 13, you can check out ShinigamiList’s previously stated information of the very curious announcement that the show made at the end of the season.

Event the very Hero Awards 2011 event was presented in two parts. While the same yet unknown to the audience videos were projected to both parties at the early and the late screening, there was a friendly plea by the organizers that the early birds shouldn’t tell what they have seen to the other group nor discuss the scenes in any other way.

Yet, there is still very little information. The first of the two movies, which are stated to be the second and last part of the Tiger and Bunny “Next Project” happening, is to premiere sometime next year, but will it be Spring or Summer, maybe even Fall? Who may know? It’s definitely not me.

Anyways, I bet all fans of the show feel at least a bit ecstatic about all this!

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

3 thoughts on “Tiger and Bunny – 2 New Movies Coming Right Up!

  1. Tiger and Bunny actually turned out to be one of my favourites lately. A lot of humour. A lot, I mean. Good thing they’re making a lot of noise around it. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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