New Manga Adaptation of Alice in the Country of Hearts

A new adaptation of QuinRose’s Alice in the Country of Hearts online game aimed for the female audience has been launched for online reading and viewing on Zero-sum Online. The publisher of this digital ‘magazine’  is Ichijinsha who also has a print version of this edition. There is another version of the QuinRose franchise published in the stamped magazine, which is called Joker no Kuni no Alice.

The story in mangaka Aoi Kurihara’s new Heart no Kuni no Alice Koi Suru Ibara no Meikyuu (Alice in the Country of Hearts: Labyrinth of Thorns in Love), based on QuinRose’s adaptation of the popular classic by Lewis Carroll, revolves around Alice, a girl who is taken to the Country of Hearts and the watchmaker Julius who is in charge of the clock tower where Alice resides while in this world.

Source:Comic Natalie

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3 thoughts on “New Manga Adaptation of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    1. Same here! ;) They’re sort of pushing it, though… No one added something unique to the story. They’re mostly “consuming” its ingenious weirdness and are just adding character clones… (Mad Hatter – Watchmaker?!)

      Will give it a try, though, since it’s not fair talking before actually reading it.

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