Rokomoko Manga to Be Released by Miwa Ueda, Kimi ni Happiness by Ruka Ichinose

Miwa Ueda is a notable mangaka whose name stands proudly after titles such as Peach Girl and Oh! My Darling!. The author is about to have another project released and it will be called Rokomoko. The publication of the new candy for the fans of Peach Girl’s creator will be handled by Kodansha and stamped in their Bessatsu Friend magazine starting on December 13.

According to the information given by the magazine this will be yet another cool high school story about a girl and a boy, her crush on him and… her true rival for the heart of the boy.

Another new series will start publishing in that upcoming issue too. It is Ruka Ichinose’s (author of Hajimari no Natsu) Kini ni Happiness. The story there is pure romance about a steady and serious male character and his absolute opposite, a high-spirited girl. Does Fate test him when she puts her on the desk right next to his or is it something more?


Source: Anime News Network

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2 thoughts on “Rokomoko Manga to Be Released by Miwa Ueda, Kimi ni Happiness by Ruka Ichinose

  1. Her drawing style is quite eerie. Can’t say I dislike it, though. She’s unique in art, but all of her stories are alike…

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