Shaman King -Flowers- Manga to Launch in Jump Kai

Shaman King’s original mangaka Hiryuki Takei has a new manga to share with all the SK fans out there! As a good April’s gift, the new Shaman King -Flowers- series will be released in Shueisha’s Jump Kai. This was announced in the magazine’s fifth volume. According to the given information, this will be a striking sequel with even more power and suspense. It will have a slightly different graphics and story, naturally – everything has to progress with time, but as a whole it looks quite promising.

The story this time will centre around Hana Asakura who is the son of the original series’ main character You Asakura. Hana has even greater powers than his father’s, which can be a bit frightening, since the big demand asks for a big supply, meaning that the opponents of the protagonist will probably be stronger than You’s too.

Source: Comic Natalie

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