One Piece Manga Vol. 64 Sells Over Two Million Copies

There is hardly any other franchise that can achieve such a record, but One Piece. The pirates seem to not only steal all the gold coins, but also the minds of the otaku. Two million copies were sold (2,000,000!!!) in just three days after the release of the newest manga volume of the series (#64). It is not the first instance One Piece volumes make over 2,000,000 sales in their first week. Actually, out of the 15 others that have topped this number, four have made it in the first week: volume 63 sold 2,119,400 copies in its first four days, volume 61 sold 2,086,080 copies in its first three days, and volume 60 sold 2,094,123 copies in its first four days. This is Shueisha’s most selling and most published franchise in the history of the company.

I am scared to think what would the numbers be for this 64th volume of One Piece after the fourth day since these 2,018,366 copies were sold from November 4th to 6th this year… Also, even scared of the numbers for the next volume’s sales since it seems like, generally, the numbers go higher and higher with each new one.


Source: Anime News Network

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