Long Live the Manga News: Makoto Kobayashi with a New Project

Today is a good day… especially when it comes to new manga series. This one, unlike the previous post’s, is abut Japan in the period when Tokyo was Edo (1603 – 1868) and the samurai were not something uncommon to be seen on the dusty streets in front of the o-chaya where pretty women would call out, trying to attract their attention. Ahem… Anyways, the new manga is called Ippon Gatana Dohyou Iri and, as stated in the title of this article, will be by Makoto Kobayashi. This mangaka is popular mainly thanks to his works What’s Michael? and Judo Bu Monogatari. His upcoming release will be based on the classic historical stories by Shin Hasegawa entitled “Wandering Life of a Gambler”.

The story revolves around a young man who is an aspiring sumo wrestler striving to be not just a professional, but a true champion.

The first chapter of this project was released in the 23rd issue of Evening Magazine (published by Kodansha).

Source: Comic Natalie

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