Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: Brave10

If there’s an anime I’m avidly expecting from the winter season, that’s Brave10.  Shinigami-sama already presented you the pre-history, cast and trailer of these upcoming series, so I’ll make something different and sum-up my own reasons to be eager to see it.

Expected to air in January 2012, Brave10 is produced by Media Factory (Devil May Cry, Gankutsuou, Maria Holic). Its plot is somewhat a sequel to the manga Brave 10, created by Kairi Shimotsuki in 2007. It’s focused on the brave ninja army (Sanada Ten Braves), gathered by Yukimura Sanada, during the Sengoku Period. The protagonist is master of Iga ninjutsu Saizou Kirigakure. He’s actually one of the two most famous shinobi in the world, together with fictional Sasuke Sarutobi, who’s also part of the Brave10. In the original manga Saizou protects an Izumo priestess on her journey to warlord Sanada. The anime, however, will be more focused on the story of the sequel Brave 10 S that tells about the quests of the already-gathered ninja army.

Hit? Sengoku era, Shinobi, beautiful character design… need I say more? No matter whether you’re fans of history, video games or simply love “cool people”, you can get a special treatment by watching Brave10 in 2012. Shimotsuki-san is actually the lady behind the story and art of the Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu manga, influenced by the infamous video game. That means that most of us, who love all the Sengoku Basara installments, would greatly appreciate the art and story of Brave10.

Miss? It could be a bit of a heartbreak to the ones, who stare at historical portraits to see Masamune-sama looking like he does in Brave 10. I won’t spoil your fun, but be prepared about anime-styled Nobunaga-sized extravagance. Having in mind the sensitivity of the period, the series could also be a rocky ride for history aficionados. Another danger is the comparison to the already-established Sengoku Basara franchise that can lead to the resentment of those, deeply fond of the looks of the Basara characters. Of course, one more danger is the series, not having a developed-enough manga to be based on, to fall flat and succumb to the hype.

I’ll personally risk it on this one and hope for the best…or at least something decent. I am THAT desperate for Sengoku stories…

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  1. Sounds nice. Thanks for the preview. I also like the Warring States era too much – the peek of the Samurai warriors.

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