Sekaiichi Hatsukoi on Anime on Demand

The two seasons of the popular shounen-ai series Sekaiichi Hatsukoi have been licensed by multivisited British anime web distributor Anime on Demand. The current idea is that there will be a kind of simultaneous streaming of both series 1 and 2, “so that the people who have seen the first one aren’t held back”. What about the ones who want to see both seasons and don’t want to spoil their fun by  doing it simultaneously? We are still to understand.


Source: Twitter

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6 thoughts on “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi on Anime on Demand

  1. That’s like when they first introduced 3D in movies, Shinigami-sama… It’s special Shoinen-ai dimension viewing… It’s called Double-Ai…

    1. Really (for both the 3D and the Double-ai)… Never knew this. Thank you! *continuedirony*
      I am still confused, though… what about 3ple Ai or it’s just too far-fetched like this.

      1. We need 3 seasons to be aired simultaneously for Triple-Ai, Shinigami-sama. ;)
        That’s the only way to get full-HD, complete-dimensional character design – since they’re always doing the same, Double-Ai (and Triple-Ai) allow you to see it from 2 or three angles – it’s a much more complete experience.

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