Guilty Crown News: Crossover MMO

Turning into the biggest fashion of the Fall season in 2011, Guilty Crown has even more promotion coming our way. Even though being described as a series that takes fan-service to another level, even though being branded as a total rip-off of some of the most popular and loved anime out there (including High School of the Dead and Death Note whose original director is also the one behind GC), even though having a view rate that it’s descending so rapidly that even a hawk would envy it, this anime TV series is striking back and getting up from the ruins to hit the critics even harder. This time, it is a crossover anime/game. For those of you who are still into the anime and all the badmouthing makes you sick, some special items are available in stores.

A crossover project has just been released by the creators and producers of Guilty Crown, the anime television series, and Shin Megami Tensei Imagine, the massive multiplayer online role-play game. The project’s result is that a few new characters will be released into the game, including some of the main ones from the anime, and the avatars will also be available for customization with Guilty Crown uniforms and other items.

Source: CrunchyRoll

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5 thoughts on “Guilty Crown News: Crossover MMO

  1. Because it’s descending so low, it’s way passed rock bottom… I have long ago declared it to be the anime with the officially weakest male lead character…

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