Shinigami-sama Entered… the Human World

Okay now, everyone – the big day has come! Shinigami-sama’s entrance into the human dimension has been added into the Shinigami of the World gallery. It was about time I had my very own image in there. And since every shinigami that wished to, has already given me the photo I wanted, and yet, I had to make updates, I decided this was a good moment for me to present you with a part of my history.

This image is about how and why I came to this dimension, the human world. It also depicts (in a not-so-realistic way) what my first good deed was. Naturally, I am too fast and agile to be recorded, so the images lacked this very moment, but I was happy to find someone who managed to do this in a great way. It looks almost correct!

It can, naturally, be found in my Shinigami of the World page.

All I am wondering is why am I so big-headed at the last panel…

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