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I don’t know what to say. Usually, I am very negative when it comes to cosplaying and often too bold in saying what the bad points of it are. Today, though, I am pretty positive. The reason? A new cosplay YouTube Channel I stumbled upon (sorry, I have no idea how I got to it). The username is Cosplay Mag and the videos are of costume-wearers from all over the world.Seems like they are connected to a French group called “Epic Cosplay organization”. Will have to check it up. Maybe a new interview to come? *still brainstorming for a new interview*

The shows include but are not limited to Final Fantasy, Vocaloids, Alice in Wonderland and The Sleeping Beauty, Eleves, Pirates and many, many, many more. It s joined by pleasurable music and quite a lot of creativity.

I have chosen a video to show you too!

To be honest, this is a good cosplay – expensive costumes, lovely facial expressions, both accompanied by a type of choreography and style. Being one who has been to quite a few such contests myself, I would hate to say it, but these should be the rare kind. I haven’t seen a good actor among the costume-wearers by now. Personally.

Good luck to both this channel’s owner and the directors/editors of the videos as well as all the cosplayers who know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

6 thoughts on “Cosplay with Style from Cosplay Mag

      1. When people post cosplay photos/vids, there are always trolls like you that are “oh-so-perfect-and-smart”. (Did I add pefect?) I rarely defend anything on the web, but that one of the most well-made video with some of the best costumes…and here you are – Mr. Troll….or you cosplay like one?!

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