Chibi Hatsune Miku Beautifies 7th Dragon 2020 OP (Video)

The vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku has been around my site for quite some time now. From a vocaloid-apathic shinigami I began feeling quite positive about this young blue-haired 3D performer. This time, the news is not fully about Miku-chan, though. It is about the new 7th Dragon 2020 roleplay game whose opening credits video has just been released *ahem7daysagoahem* through the official YouTube channel of the game.

The opening them song performed by Hatsune Miku is entitled “SeventH-Heaven” and is by sasakure.UK .The game’s unique heroes have been designed by Dogs: Bullets and Carnage’s very own Shirow Miwa. Do not be mistaken, though, this game is all about a group of very able and strong chibi characters who strive to protect the city of Tokyo from a dragon invasion. It will be released on PSP on the Japanese market on November 23, 2011.

Source: Anime News Network , YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Chibi Hatsune Miku Beautifies 7th Dragon 2020 OP (Video)

  1. Hahahahahaaaa!!!! Add the phrase “strong chibi characters” and I’m teary-eyed from laughter… My little sister would love it, though.

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