A Channel, Un-Go Licenses by Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks has announced that it is has licensed two anime television series. The titles are Un-Go and A Channel. No additional information is known as for the current moment.

Un-Go is an ongoing Studio Bones project based on the works by Ango Sakaguchi. The story centres around the “defeated” private investigator Shinjuurou Yuuki and his odd supernatural companion Inga. Even though Shinjuurou and Inga are able to understand the entire truth behind a crime, they always end-up behind the governmental investigator. Is it because the duo are as wrong or because the government prefers the truth that their person says?

A Channel, on the other hand, is a cute story about four high school female student with as different personalities as possible. The original story comes from bb Kuroda’s manga series. Touru is the brave and reckless one, Yuuko is a bit timid and calm, Run has the easy going personality and Nagi is the most normal, ordinary one of them. The anime had 12 episodes and aired from April to June 2011. It is also generally characterized as yuri, so be careful.


Source: Anime New Network

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9 thoughts on “A Channel, Un-Go Licenses by Sentai Filmworks

    1. That is all the info we have. I really do think they need more episodes too, but we’ll probably have some information later. Though, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. It’s not very possible to release more official anime TV episodes after they have been announced.

      1. I’ve just watched 80 episodes of Gintama, just because people said “after ep. 80 it’s awesome”… It does not. But why not watch 6 of that, since I’ve seen 80 episodes of pointless comedy?! I’ll do it.

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