The Return of Vagabond on the Manga Market

What can I say, Vagabond is one of the most cherished manga in the history of… me. I was very saddened by the hiatus Takehiko Inoue announced in 2010, but mostly because of the reason – his health. Even though being a fan, I have to say that the health of the creator was one thing I would forgive for stopping me from my Vagabond dose.

My patience, and the one of many others, has been repaid – Takehiko Inoue has announced on his Twitter account that he is currently drafting the new chapters of the notorious and very popular manga that tells the story of Shinmen Takezou. It is also famous as one of the best fictional depictions of the history that stands behind the name Miyamoto Musashi, the Sword Saint of Japan. A rebellious samurai with pure aims and extremely huge abilities.

According to the twit, there is still a lot to be discussed with the editrial team and the dates for the upcoming very anticipated return of the Vagabond series are still unknown. Yet, this definitely is some good news, even if you’re not a fan of this historical samurai classic, but only because of the fact that the mangaka is fine and willing to engage in doing it again.

3 thoughts on “The Return of Vagabond on the Manga Market

  1. WOW! That manga was shared with my by a crazy friend of mine few years ago… I’ve bought everything possible connected to it since then! Glad it will continue.

  2. Miyamoto Musashi is the best man to come out of history. I love that manga and I hope that one day the industry would be able to “swallow” a rated R anime version…

    Best news I’ve had in a while…

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