Funimation Acquires Hellsing Ultimate OVA episode 8

Funimation Entertainment has just announced that the company has acquired the rights over the 8th installment of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series. The home video license is valid for U.S. The company has reassured the fans of the franchise that the original cast will return this time to, including Crispin Freeman as Alucard. In the release, there will be special panel discussions and one-on-one interviews taken at the Anime Vegas Convention (November 2011). About these interviews… they will be very special for the Funimation Facebook Page will allow their fans to ask the questions themselves (naturally, not everyone will get his/her question answered, but the best ones will!).

All that is known is that the Hellsing Ultimate OVA episode 8 will be released sometimes next year (2012). Let’s just hope it’s before the end of the world…


Source: Funimation Offcial Website

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5 thoughts on “Funimation Acquires Hellsing Ultimate OVA episode 8

  1. I’ve finished the series an year ago and started looking for any DVD/Blu-ray available… Love it! After I got from a friend the OVAs are much better, I’ve seen all of them too and I will agree with him! Glad to have a date for the next one!

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