Top 10 Anime Weapons I Would Love to Have

Anime is famous for certain things among the fans of visual arts as a whole. One of these things is the looks of female characters – big bright eyes, cool artificially looking natural hair colours, pretty uniforms or great mecha-driving abilities. Some special machines, or otherwise understood as a controllable robot device with a driver, are another one of these things. They can transform, harm and cure, they have been around the world for generations (who hasn’t seen Voltron, based on two great Japanese stories?). The thing I am going to give my respects to this time, though, is neither moe nor a mecha. It is the weapons in anime as a whole. This is my list of top 10 anime weapons I would love to have.

Crown Clown

What can I say… Crown Clown is Allen Walker’s innocence activated and upgraded. It is the thing he changes into after discovering that he can achieve over 83% resonance with his innocence piece. Having reached the 100% compatibility ratio, he can transform Crown Clown’s arm into a sword of exorcism and use it to delete the evil out of the enemy soul. This weapon is not only the strongest with its over 7 expansions and variations; it can also instinctively create shields, pierce, protect and explode enemy forces. What more can a person want?!


Senbonsakura is a simple katana with a simple tsuba and a simple sheathe… at least in its shikai form. What is great about this otherwise simple weapon is that it is actually one of the strongest weapons in Bleach. With its many forms it can take any enemy. From a thousand cutting little blades shaped as cherry blossoms that fly around the enemy to at least a million of them; from a thousand giant blades erupting from the ground behind its wielder to a room encircled by four rows of glowing spiritually-enforced katanas that can be controlled mentally by the owner. It can even be a sphere around the enemy, from the ones whose sides constantly move and tighten until there is nothing but squishy liquid inside of it.

Soul Eater Evans

This may sound odd to those of you  who are not familiar with Soul Eater the anime… Well, some of the characters there, although being human, can change into weapons. Soul Eater Evans is one of the best out of the lot as a prospective Death Scythe and a great Death Scythe after becoming one (manga spoiler). It doesn’t matter if it’s a Witch weapon (Witch Hunter Form) a Daemon Weapon (Daemon Hunter Form) or a flying one (his new ability after becoming a Death Scythe to Maka) – he can do it all. To top it out – his great piano playing abilities allow him, his wielder and more souls to resonate in a perfect rhythm. He is also the only other Death Scythe who is actually a scythe apart of Maka’s father Spirit.

Sword of Totsuka

The Sword of Totsuka (a.k.a. Sakegari Longsword) is one of the two swords with a history that appear in Naruto. This one is sometimes described as a variation f the Sword of Kusanagi, but I am doubtful about it. What made me choose Totsuka over Kusanagi, although Orochimaru wields the latter with such ability and power? The fact that Totsuki is obviously stronger since it can seal Orochimaru plus his Kusanagi at the will of its wielder (in Naruto’s case – Itachi’s Susanoo). Being an ethereal sword, this one is pretty different than the transforming katana of Byakuya Kuchiki.. and pretty safe to carry through the airport!

 Mighty Hands

One Piece and Darker than Black have it. Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist have it. Kuroshitsuji too… Even Bleach has it! It is usually the conclusion of a great battle – a big moment. It’s just that moment when you don’t need any weapon, but can use your free hands to just plainly pierce through the enemy. Amazing! Oh, yeah, the final episodes of Togainu no Chi have it too. But do not get it mistaken with the aural presence of characters such as King Asura from Soul Eater who can smash someone’s brains without touching them! It is a whole other story. Even though it can sometimes mean using your great nails as a blade’s sharpened edge and the nail polish as a sheathe (unfortunately I don’t have these predespositions)… at least in Sebastian Michaelis’ case. Otherwise, I would love this weapon!


Almost invisible and highly powerful when you want to make the opponent immovable, threads are the weapon of choice of not many characters, but it really shouldn’t be so. One of the most known for their abilities with this weapon in the anime/manga field is definitely Kazuki “of the Strings”… He is one of the main characters in Getbackers and one of the strongest at that… one of the most androgynous too. If he can turn the hardcore men off from my choice, then think about Bleach anime’s Zanpakutou arc where Muramasa was attached to none other than Kuchiki’s very own bad boy – Kouga Kuchiki. Yes, his primer weapon was Muramasa, the katana of power that can rule over the minds of other zanpakutou spirits, but the time when he was the closest to defeating Byakuya… he used his spiritual threads to capture and immobilize Byakuya, the current Kuchiki in charge.

Ashizogi Jizou

This is no katana. This is a miracle created by the human hands… Well, not entirely human, but who cares?! Ashizogi Jizou is the zanpakutou of captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri from Bleach. It is a cute trident with fat ends that can pierce and also poison the person. The poison inside is always changed and there is no way it could make a mistake and lave the enemy untouched. Ashizogi’s bankai form is also quite able. Turning into a huge baby with a deadly mouth, eating and munching the enemy, burping poison gas and moving on its own… Ashisogi Jizou is also one of the best weapons I could ask for.

Electricity Conduction Weapons

I know, this is no fun like the others in the list, but come on! Let the Shinigami have its weak spots. Electricity is one of the cutest things that can be used versus other people. They just shake uncontrollably and often don’t even know they’re doing it! Imagine putting it right through their blood as Hei from Darker than Black does or spamming their whole bodies with electricity as Ginji Amano can! Cool, eh?

Lancelot Albion

If I had to choose a mecha it must be this one. The final form of the Lancelot Knightmare from Code Geass is the dtrongest, most versatile and most powerful among them all. It can fly, jump, suffer through radiation and live to tell the tale and many more. It is even beautiful with the combination of colours t shows off at its appearance. Too bad only Suzaku can use it, though.

Time Machine

Amber from Darker than Black, Rolo from Code Geass, Makoto from Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and Miranda from D. Gray Man – they all have the weapon of time control. I would so love to have Miranda’s huge grandfather’s clock or Rolo’s geass! I wouldn’t have Amber’s strength though, it’s too striking, similar to Rolo, but he’ll die when he wants and decides to, while she has to suffer through reverseaging! No!!! Seems like Makto’s walnut-like brander is the best choice, though – small to carry and easy to use, even for the unaware ones! My weapon of choice being this time control thing… do I need to explain why I would want to control the 5th element (according to some beliefs)? I hope it’s clear – to rule the world!

Here I am, wishing you all a farewell for now, hoping that you’ve liked my list of 10 anime weapons I would love to have! Hell, even if you hated it – I am glad I wrote this. You can always comment and mock me for what I’ve said and written here! Enjoy the fun while or after reading, both will be on me. I loved searching through the anime and manga I have watched and read throughout the time before time and yet, I am certain I have missed something I really like. You can also share your opinion on the top 10 I have listed and tell me what you think, also – what are your favourite anime weapons?!

Disclaimer: all images belong to their rightful owners. I do not claim to own anything. If the owner has a problem, feel free to contact me and I will get the item in question off the article.

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Weapons I Would Love to Have

    1. Wanted to put Hellsing, desperately, but I think what Alucard can do is an ability rather than a weapon, I cannot want abilities.. not for a different reason but that I am a shinigami and already have all I want *ahemhidingthetruthahem*

  1. Threads are for sissys!!! :P Didn’t even know about the Sword of Totsuka… and I thought I’m a Naruto fan, shame on me!

  2. Amazing job in finding and describing al of those! Great selection. Mighty hands is my thing… as a killing machine, I mean… :D

    P.S. Soul Eater Evans is a spoilt brat…

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