Devil May Cry DMC Special Trailer Streamed (Video)

A new ‘special’ trailer for the upcoming Devil May Cry DMC game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has streamed on the YouTube channel of Destructoid. It features more from the Tokyo Game Expo that happened so recently and more gameplay. Actually, who am I lying to?!

The new trailer is full on graphics, action and catch phrases. It features a lot of Dante’s young version smashing various demons of different sizes and strength. We see him not only shooting ’em with Ebony and Ivory, his two guns we love so much, but also hack through their odd bodies with a white scythe, a red flamed axe and sword. Marvellous graphics and video effects with tons of blood and dead demon corpses. Without a doubt, it’s something that can make people buy the game, even if they still haven’t done so in the past.

The video can be seen below.


Source: Destructoid

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

8 thoughts on “Devil May Cry DMC Special Trailer Streamed (Video)

  1. Being a girl, I’ll add this version of Dante looks too US-friendly and I prefer the “classic” one. :) Otherwise I think the weapons and environment look amazing!

    1. Would you buy it? lol… I am wondering how many people are excited as I am. DevilMayCry below definitely will, no use asking him, but I am wonderign about you as a girl who doesn’t seem to be as excited as he is lol

      1. Honestly? Probably no. :D I can’t see myself playing a shooter RPG or something. I would buy it as a present, though, but most of the people I know have pre-ordered :D

  2. The Devil we all tend to love… Great weapons, movement and gameplay. Good graphics and amazing atmosphere, Way to go, young Dante ;)

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